About Us

“‍‍‍‍In 2016 at the age of 20, I graduated from Birmingham city university, United kingdom, with a degree of fashion and accessory design.

I returned to India, Nashik with high ambitions, lot of technical knowledge and a little bit of ego. 

My plan after coming to India was to start a high end luxury leather bags brand. 

But little did I know about the ground reality in Nashik. 

I realised what I studied was of too high level, and at that time It was almost impossible to start a leather bags brand sitting in Nashik. 

I was depressed, disappointed and frustrated because of not being able to do anything in Nashik. 

Then my family suggested me to atleast go to my father’s company and help him out there so that I learn new things and keep myself busy in some activity. 

His company is related to sheet metal fabrication and all engineering technical stuff. And I was an artist stuck at a place of numbers measurements and heavy duty jobs. 

My life had temporarily become aimless. 

One fine day waking in the workshop of the factory, I found an oddly shaped cut out piece of metal lying on the floor. 

I picked it up, drilled a hole in it and put a chain through it. And wore it as a neckpiece. 

I sort of related to that metal piece. It was of no particular shape, and was lying there unattended just like my dreams. 

To portray my current state of life, I started wearing it everyday, my friends started asking me where did I buy it from… Or what is the meaning behind it? 

And suddenly it clicked! 

I could help others and also make a business out of this! 

The more I looked at that odd metal shape, the more i realised that like me, there must be so many people on earth who are stuck in their life… Who are not able to express themselves. 

What if my designs could help them express themselves boldly? 

What if I created designs that they could relate to and that would ignite the flame within them to get up and achieve their goals! 

With a vision to help humans express themselves boldly through contemporary art and fashion I started MADHECHI on December 25th 2016. 

We made jewellery designs based on human behaviours, human goals, their likes, their expressions, their inspirations etc.

MADHECHI means  – the power within .

A brand that started with just Jewellery, has now entered into a wider sector of home decor, office decor and car accessories! 

We have catered to wonderful customers all across India, who could buy a product that they related or connected to you. A product for a cause! 

MADHECHI has been featured in various Music video featuring some amazing nationally and internationally famous stars like – Bobby NewBerry, Suyyash Rai, LOC, Divya Agrawal etc.

Our dream is to contribute to the society by helping as many number of humans as possible, to express themselves freely and boldly through art and fashion with the help of concept designs.

No human should suffocate with his own thoughts. Because we are here to help you ignite the power within yourself . 

The next step for MADHECHI is to study human behaviour, character, psychology and provide them with a customised solution for products

 that would suit their personality, motivate them to achieve their targets and live an uplifting life at their home office and inner self."

-Madhura Kulkarni

Founder and owner of MADHECHI