A term glamorized by society to an extent where some people proudly describe themselves as ‘Shopaholic’. Now there is nothing wrong in being proud of your personality or who you are or what you believe in. But this is a form of Neurotic pride. Shopaholic is a serious disorder, it’s compulsive buying disorder. Many people […]

She Tried to Find Herself

In places that didn’t exist..she had lost trust and meaning for her life…. But one day magic happened, something struck her heart… She took a decision at once and changed her path. A path, way more difficult to walk on.. A long journey with no destination had just begun. But as she kept going, she […]


When you are at a stage where you are stressed out with the pressure of making money, supporting the family, paying bills, politics and what not world issues…. Look back at your college days.. The golden days. Remember something which you loved to do?? Remember something which others loved if you do? Well exactly that’s […]