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Newton’s third law states that, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. ‘Karma’ is something similar.
Hindus had discovered this law long time before Newton. The concept of Karma was seen first in Rigveda 3500 years ago approximately.
Why does Hinduism, the oldest religion on earth, focuses so much on KARMA?
Karma means nothing but deeds. But it doesn’t end there. There is a higher spiritual meaning to it. Karma is the cause as well as the effect of deed by an individual. The terms like what goes around comes around or the newton’s third law…,they all are not just sayings but this ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY HAPPENS IN THE REAL WORLD. Everything in this universe is a form of energy, our thoughts are energy and our actions or deeds are nothing but a form of energy, when we do a good deed, positive energy is emitted in the universe when we do a bad deed negative energy is emitted in the universe. This energy is bound to bounce back at some or the other point and the effects, be it positive or negative HAS to be abided by the individual. The fruits of Karma could be yielded immediately or it even may take lifetime. But no matter what, an individual will have to taste the fruits of his/her Karma, bitter or sweet. Karma doesn’t spare anybody. Karma truly is a Bitch.
But if you treat the bitch right it will do right for you!
This locket is a reminder for you that – Yes karma is a bitch, but do good and good will come back to you!

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