She Tried to Find Herself

In places that didn’t exist..she had lost trust and meaning for her life…. But one day magic happened, something struck her heart… She took a decision at once and changed her path. A path, way more difficult to walk on.. A long journey with no destination had just begun. But as she kept going, she started seeing the real beauty of life… It was never the material that mattered.. It was rather the feeling inside… There were times when she wanted to give up but the excitement of ‘what life reveals next’ was always up… So she kept going further in her journey, trying to find places where she belonged, only to find that all this while, the place that she was finding herself was within her. There she regained her trust and meaning for life… But What was the magic that brought back her trust… It was nothing but the Wanderlust Wanderlust Wanderlust !

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